Organizational Information

By Laws and Other Determinations
Certification Procedures:
A.Certifications Officer Position is filled on a volunta
ry basis and is not a paid position, however membership dues are waived for their duties totheAssociation.
B.The duties of the position:
  • To receive the applications for joining the Association.
  • To review said applications for routes of eligibility to become amember of the OKAA.
  • When certification is awarded to the OKAA to assign a membershipnumber and printed certification of membership status.

A.Certification Board of the Oklahoma Acupuncture Associatio
n (OKAA)and the membership of the OKAA have adopted the followingrequirements for Certification by this Association.

To receive Oklahoma Acupuncture Association (OKAA) certif
ication topractice acupuncture in Oklahoma:
(1) a person must document current active status as a Di
plomate inAcupuncture of the NCCAOM.
Anyone with said status, after having paid
the appropriate fees and dues, is automatically accepted for certificationby OKAA.
(2) The OKAA shall waive the requirements of subsection (1)
and shallgrant certification to practice acupuncture to a resident
applicant, residingin the State of Oklahoma, who presents evidence satisfactory to theOKAA of completion of one of the following routes to eligibility:

Route of Formal Acupuncture
  • Education 850 hours from any NACSACAOM or state licensed vocationaland/or approved acupuncture school in the United States;
  • Route of Apprenticeship2000 hours professional practice with an approved preceptor, eitherNCCAOM Board certified or OKAA certified practitioner of acupuncture;
  • Route of Previous PracticeTwo (2) years of professional practice with 500 documented patient visitsyearly.

While membership and regular attendance at meetings and workshopsof theOKAA are highly encouraged, this Association has agreed:
1) OKAA membership status is not a requisite for certificatio
2) Certification by the Board and payment of the $50.00 annual
re-certification fee grants automatic membership of the OKAA.
(by motion and avote of the Association currently charges a one-time non-refundable $125.00 application fee for certification. The annual membership will equate to the
$50.00 annual re-certification fee.

B.Other levels of membership to the OKAA include:

General Member:
This level member is a practitioner of natural healing in s
ome way, up to andincluding being an acupuncturist, but elects not to be a certified member. Generalmembers attend regular meeting and have voting privileges.The membership fee
is $50, and remains as $50 annual renewal fee.

Student Members:
Student members are listed only under the school that they
are studying under.Student members attend regular meeting and do not have voting privileges. Themembership fee for students is $35.00.

Friends of Acupuncture:
This level of membership is for private individuals who support
the actions of theOKAA and are invited to its quarterly business and educational meetings. Themembership fee at this level is $15.

C.Renewal of Memberships:
For renewal of Certified Membership level, the requiremen
t is;
i.15 hours of continuing Education hours in that calendar year
ii.A current American Heart Association Health Care Provider
CPR card.
iii.$50 annual renewal fee.

2.For renewal of General Membership level, the requireme
nt is$50 annual fee
3.For renewal of Student Membership level, the requireme
nt is$35 annual fee
4.For renewal of Friends of Acupuncture Membership level,
the requirement is$15 annual fee

Safety Protocols:
A working copy of the Safety Protocols are kept on the Assoc
iationsDrop Box account.

Code of Ethics:
A working copy of the Code of Ethics is kept on the Associ
ations DropBox account.

Standard of Care / Scope of Practice
A working copy of the OKAA Scope of Practice guidelines are ke
pt on the
Associations Drop Box account.

Extra duties for Board Members:
It was passed by a vote of the members of the Association
that an additional dutyof the Vice-President of the Association will be to keepaccount of the attendance
of members at quarterly meetings. This information is re
quired so as to knowmembers in good standing and thus voting privileges.

Two signature checks:A motion was passed to make all checks written by the Association to require twosignatures, that of the Treasurer and any other elected board member.

A.Financial / Calendar year
The calendar/financial year for the OKAA shall be January
1st, to December 31st.Any Dues owed the Association after December 31stshall be considereddelinquent.
B.Fee for Hosting Meetings:A fee of $100 will be paid at the conclusion of each quarterly meeting to the hostof that meeting to assist in any charges acquired by the host for cleaning or otherexpenses associated in hosting the meeting.
C.Storage of Old Records:All written copies of meeting minutes, or other records shall be kept in a securelocation; The current location is Natural Health & Wellness Center at 302 N.McKinley Sand Springs, OK. 74063.
D.Sharps Disposal:All OKAA“Certified”members in good standing will have access to Biomedicalwaste removal services provided by the Association. There will be two collection
points for the Biomedical wastes, the first will be located at 302 N. McKinleySand Springs OK. At the Natural Health & Wellness Center. The secondcollection point will be at 3701 NW 62nd St Oklahoma City, OK. At theHarmony Healing Center.
A.Each member will be allowed the equivalent of two, Two-
gallon sized sharps disposal units per calendar year for f
reesharps disposal.
B.Any sharps disposal greater than the above amount will be
charged to the member at a rate of $20 per two-gallon sized
disposal unit/box, or $50 for an eleven-gallon sized
disposal box.
E.Social Media and Online Information Sharing:
The Association will maintain a website located at okacupunc
tureassociation.orgThis website has a private sign in where the minutes ofprevious meetings can beaccessed by all members in good standing.The website will hold information for both members and thegeneral public alike.
The Association also will maintain aDrop Boxsite. This site is for the sharingof larger documents between members.

Article 1 :
1.Association shall mean and refer to Oklahoma Acupuncture Association,
its successors and assigns.
2. Members shall mean and refer to those persons who have voluntarily joined the association by paying the required membership fee per year.
3.Professional shall mean and refer to any member practicing Acupuncture on a full or parttime basis. 
4. Students hall mean and refer to any member enrolled in an Acupuncture school 
full or part time, or in a correspondence course or tutorial program.
5.Friends of Acupunctureshall mean and refer to any member without acupuncture training but is interested in supporting our efforts in the association.
6.Member in good standingshall mean and refer to those persons who are members, who have paid the membership fee applicable to their level on membership, 
who are not thirty days delinquent in any and all dues hereafter provided. A member in good standing shall attend two ofthe previous four quarterly 
meetings unless he or she has been a member for less than thatamount of time.

Article 2
Members Meetings
1.The annual meeting of the members for the election of the Directors and for other business shall be held once a year designated by the Board of Directors and at 
a time during the month of September as prescribed by the Board of Directors.
2.Additional meetings shall be held on a quarterly basis, and shall include such 
business as workshops, lectures, and demonstrations as is deemed appropriate bya majority vote of those members in good standing that are present at said 
quarterly meeting.
3.Notice of the time and pace of such meetings shall be given to each member in 
good standing at least twenty days prior to such meeting. Attendance at any meeting shallconstitute a waiver of notice by any member.
4.Special meetings may be called by the Board of Directors for any purpose, giving 
notice as herein before stated.
5.A quorum for any annual or special meeting of members shall consist of fifty 
percent of the total members in good standing either in person or represented by proxy.
6.Persons entitled to vote or to execute consents shall have the right to do so either in person or by one or more agents authorized by a proxy executes 
by the person or by hisduly authorized agent and filed with the secretary of the Association.
7.At any meeting of the members, each member, in good standing, shall be entitled to one vote each.
8.A complete list of members entitled to vote at any election shall be prepared by 
the secretary at least ten days before each election.

Article 3
1.The management of all the affairs, property and the business of the Association 
shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of at least three persons, who shall be elected at the annual meeting by members by a majority vote for a term of 
one yeartwoyears. The Directors must be members of the Association in good standing.
2.All vacancies in the Board of Directors whether caused by resignation, death or 
otherwise, may be filled by the remaining Directors for a period not to exceed thirty days,at such time a special meeting must be held to elect a Director to fill said vacancy. ADirector elected to fill any vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired term of his predecessor and until his successor is elected and qualified.
3.Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held at time and places as determined 
by the President of the Board of Directors, and/or a majority of the Directors.
4.Notice of all meetings of the Board of Directors shall be given to each Director at 
least five days prior thereto; attendance at any meeting by a Director shall constitute a waiver of notice.
5.A quorum at all meetings of the Board of Directors shall consist of a majority of 
the Board.
6.Persons entitled to vote or to execute consents shall have the right to do so either In person or by one or more agents authorized by a proxy executes by the 
person or by hisduly authorized agent and filed with the secretary of the Association.
7.At any meeting of the members, each member, in good standing, shall be entitled to one vote each.
8.A complete list of members entitled to vote at any election shall be prepared by 
the secretary at least ten days before each election.

Article 4 - listed on "Board Members" Page

Article 5
Duties and Powers
1.Powers: The Board of Directors shall have power to:
  • Adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of the common elements and facilities.
  • Suspend the voting rights to use any common elements and facilities of a member during any period in which such member shall be in default in the payment of membership dues levied by the Association.
  • Exercise for the Association all powers, duties and authority vested in or delegated to this Association and not reserved to the membership by other provisions of these by­laws.
  • Declare the office of a member of the Board of Directors to be vacant in the event such member shall be absent from three consecutive regular meetings ofthe Board of Directors.
  • Employ an accountant, lawyer or such employees as they deem necessary and to prescribe their duties.
2.Duties: It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to: 
  • Cause to be kept a complete record of all its acts and affairs and to present a statement thereof to the members at the annual meeting of the members.
  • Supervise all officers, agents and employees of this Association and to seethat their duties are properly performed.
  • Establish the member’s fees, to be used exclusively to promote thepurposes of the Association as stated in the ByLaws, provided that the said fees may not be increased without the assent of two thirds of the members attending a meeting called for said purpose.
  • Cause the common elements to be maintained.

Article 6
Books and Records
1.The books, records and papers of the Association shall at all times, during 
reasonable business hours, be subject to inspection by any members in good standing. The Bylaws of the Association shall be available for inspection by any member in good 
standing at the principle office of the Association where copies may be purchased at a reasonable cost.

Article 7
1.These By­Laws may be amended at a regular or special meeting of the members 
by a majority of those members present and voting.

Article 8
1.The objectives of the Association are:
  • Education of the general public in Oklahoma specifically, and the surrounding area generally, on the uses and the availability of Acupuncture.
  • To provide meetings for members in good standing to exchange ideas and techniques of treatment, and to aid in awareness of public response to treatment.
  • To provide lectures and workshops for members and/or the general public.
  • To provide self­regulation of the Acupuncture practice of the Associationsmembers.
  • To engage in any lawful act or activity for which corporations may be organized under the general corporation law of Oklahoma. 

Article 9
1.This Association shall be for a perpetual duration, unless terminated by the 
members. Upon termination, the balance, if any, of all monies received by the 
Association from its operations, after payment in full of all debts and obligations of theAssociation of whatsoever kind and nature shall be distributed for the betterment of theAssociation or contributed to a worthwhile charitable organization decided and voted onby the Board of Directors.

Article 10
1.The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the 1stday of January and end on the 31stday of December of every year, except that the fiscal year shall begin
on the date of incorporation.

Amendment 1
1.This Association is open for membership to all interested persons, and does not discriminate against anyone because of age, sex, color, or national origin.