Board Members and Committee Chairs
Board Members and Duties
  1. Tim Williamson - President
  2. Debra Baker - Vice President
  3. Yvonne VanEijk - Treasurer
    Mail checks and money orders to Yvonne at: 2517 W Kent St Broken Arrow, OK 74012 or pay on PayPal.Me/Acupuncturists
  4. Brandy Valentine - Secretary
    Brandy Valentine - Secretary
    If you need anything, contact at: email at or fill out the form on the "Contact/Join" Page.
Email for all contact:
1.Officers: The officers of the Corporation shall be a president, VicePresident, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
The office of the secretary and treasurer may be combined into one office.

2.Election of officers: The election of officers shall take 
place at the annual meeting of the members in August or September of every other year.

3.Duties: The duties of the officers are as follows:
President: The president shall be a member of the 
Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Board of 
Directors. The President shall preside at all meetings; 
shall see that orders and resolutions of the Board of 
Directors and members are carried out; shall execute allwritten instruments on the part of said Association.

Vice­President: The Vice-President  shall be a member of the Board of Directors and the Vice­Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Vice­President shall act in the place and stead of the president and Chairman of the 
Board of Directors in the event of his absence, inability or refusal to act, and shall exercise and discharge such other duties as may be required of him.

Secretary: The Secretary shall record the votes and keepthe minutes of all meetings and proceedings of the 
Board of Directors and of the members: keep appropriate current records showing the members of  the association together with their addresses and shall perform such other duties as may be required and maybe a member of the Board.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have custody of all  monies and securities ofthe Association and shall keep  regular books of account. He shall disburse the funds ofthe Association, in payment of just demands against theAssociation, or as may be ordered by the Board of 
Directors from time to time as may be required, an 
account of all his transactions as Treasurer and may be a member of the Board.
Committees and Chairs
  1. Education
    Tim Williamson, President
    Members: Debra Baker Brandy Valentine
  2. Membership
    Dr John Yang
    Member: Barbara Brehm
  3. Communications
    Brandy Valentine, Secretary
    Member: Barbara Brehm
  4. WebSite
    Brandy Valentine, Secretary
    Members: Barbara Brehm Yvonne Van Eijk
  5. Social Media
    Brandy Valentine, Secretary
    Currently looking for a social media guru.
  6. Photos
    Can be shared with Social Media
    Currently looking for a blogger and/or social media guru